Billow Lamp

Project Description

Billow is a ceiling lamp for public interior lighting which relates to the implicit but ever present fragile tie between man and nature. By imitating the qualities of nature, the Billow lamp can provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere like the one found in nature.

The lamp was created in partnership with designer Frida Bobeck Thalinson and produced in cooperation with Örsjö Belysning AB, as a supplement to the company’s present metal-based range. An exploration of materials and a play with placing them in new contexts, led to pick up an old tradition with felting wool and using it in a new context.

By only using soap, hot water and friction, the convex shapes were created with the felted wool, not having to use any added chemicals or adhesives. This makes it a good alternative for a production process with a low environmental impact.

Tags: Product design • Environmentally focused • Public lightning

Year: 2013